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  • The beach has been awarded with the Blue Flag award

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  • Completely equipped BBQ.

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Studios Pieria

Paralia Skotinas
Dimos Anatolikou Olimpou
Τ.Κ. 60063 Pieria

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The village of Skotina was built in the outskirts of the BE Olympus under its fog and shadow while the sun reaches the endless coastline of the Gulf Thermaikos making it a place for all tastes. The golden sand inspires visitors to indulge in summery idleness and genuine simplicity while being mesmerized by the elegance of the legendary Mount Olympus that in ancient times was the mountain of the 12 Gods. Mount Olympus whose peak is MITIKA with an altitude of 2917 meters never ceases to emit its magic and beauty regardless of season.

As evidenced by ancient relics and traditions moving and collapsing into a village came due to predatory raids during the Byzantine era. The village since had fallen a few hundred yards down from the creek Thermaikos in-between the 14th and 18th century.

Ano Skotina is home to a Christian population even thought the valley might give off an impression of abandonment. The village began to prosper and the result of this prosperity can be seen in the monuments of that era that are still holding up today to due to a restoration given its important of Byzantine relics such as the Church of Jesus which dates back to 1618. The first time Skotina was mentioned was in 1649. Several decades later on the 17th May in 1670 there were numerous references of Skotina and its residents participating in revolutionary movements against the Ottomans.

The late patriarch Kallinikos urged the residents of the village to move from the inaccessible height of 740m to join them in the current location of Skotina near the ancient civilization of Leibithra near their lands in 1861. The residents didn’t do it though because they didn’t want to give up the clean air and the crystal clear waters of their area. Around 400 inhabitants lived there, but they were forced to move to other cities by Turkish hordes shortly after.

After a hundred years they finally agreed to leave the village Ano Skotina as the late Kallinikos installed and provided them with the the current location of Skotina near their properties. It started in 1890 with 10 families down and in 1930 another 60 families followed them. Today Skotina is great for tourism especially during the summer months and the potential of the village and the surrounding area for touristic development is even greater.

So in recent years there has been a considerable effort to develop and make use of the huge natural potential of Skotina. But even the traditional homes and sites of Ana Skotina have been implemented in a touristic way now offering a blast of the past to whoever visits Skotina and Skotina Paralia. It is no coincidence that especially after visiting Ana Skotina people have a strong wish to come back to Skotina having acquired a greater understanding for its importance and richness in history.